What we do is simple

We offer on demand expert recruiting solutions built exclusively for the needs of your organization. We look holistically at your requirements and hiring process to insure you have the ability to achieve your goals. 


Why use us

           Doing It Yourself

  • Takes in-house bandwidth away from Founders, Vice presidents, and Senior Leadership
  • Difficult to prioritize hiring with all of the other duties on your plate
  • Not a sustainable solution

          Contract Recruiters

  • Difficult to find someone who can cover strategic consulting and functional hiring
  • Gets pulled in many different directions
  • Inability to expand or contract bandwidth based on hiring needs

          Recruiting Agencies

  • Provide reactive hiring support, no consultative solutions
  • No direct commitment to you, priority goes to the highest fees
  • Short term cost with little long term VALUE

          Executive Search Firms

  • Will focus on Executive level positions
  • See above reasons listed for Recruiting Agencies 

Our Mission

Our mission is to always put others first. We build capacity and efficiency by focusing on the strengths and needs of our clients, our people, and our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the drivers of change for our clients and our community.

Our Core Values


Be honest in your intentions and your actions. It is only through honesty that we can continue to grow.



Hold yourself to a higher level, ask for help when needed, and own what you do.


Keep your promises, follow through on your word, and stick to the plan.



Life requires a balance in all things that we do. Without it life tips us over!


Be passionate about your work AND your life! Without passion work is just a J-O-B and life becomes dull.

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Let us help you reach your organizations next milestone while never losing sight of your mission, vision, and goals for the future!