Employee Benefits and Retention Strategies

Our Benefits and Retention Strategies group, enabling us to offer and deliver employee benefit and employee retention programs that are built for the next generation of companies.  This gives you the opportunity to support and retain Your employees with a forward thinking and flexible benefits program while still maintaining focus on corporate ROI.

Employee Benefit Offering

Through our Benefits and Retention Strategies offering Aguilar Thomas Consulting is now able to provide a cost effective alternative to traditional insurance plans that still provides the essential coverage as mandated by ACA. 

Let us help you develop a program built specifically for your needs.


Employee Benefits Strategy

ACA Compliance

Wellness and Employee Discount Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Individual Development  & Succession Plans

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys

Put us to work surveying your current and former team members for specific information that will pinpoint the wants and needs of your employee population. This will allow you to examine and modify, if needed,  your current benefit strategy and employee engagement strategies.

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