Talent Acquisition

With the current war for talent it’s not solely about finding top talent but also retaining your people once you they are on board. We review all aspects of how you attract, develop, manage and retain people for your business. We will also review your employee management process, starting with your recruitment strategy, current on-boarding process and how you track progress for their training and development.


Let us help you develop a program built specifically for your needs:

Recruiting Strategy Development

Recruiting Process Development

Recruiter Development and Training

Recruiting Metrics and Management

Outsourced Recruiting Strategy

Employee Value Proposition

Individual Development Plans

Succession Planning

Third Party Stakeholder Surveys

Executive Consulting Services On Demand

Contingent Labor Program Development

Contingent Labor Vetting and Management

Candidate Communication Management

Outsourced Vendor Management 

Aguilar Thomas Consulting has deep roots within the outsourced recruiting and staffing industry. So deep that our Outsourced Vendor Management program is second nature to us! We take pride in utilizing our direct contingent labor industry experience to assist and leverage the needs of our clients.

Our program can be scaled to fit the needs of any client looking to alleviate themselves of having to manage contingent staffing and recruiting vendors while maximizing the vital resource that is outsourced contingent labor.

We can help establish, build, grow, or revamp your current contingent labor program in a number of ways:

                                                       •  Establish a strategy to start utilizing contingent labor

                                                       •  Vet initial vendors to increase the delivery of needed skill sets

                                                       •  Identify and build out resources for niche skills

                                                       •  Expand your current vendor program

                                                       •  Revise your vendor list

                                                       •  Manage all communication with vendor community:

                                                                       New requirement communication

                                                                      › Status on open requirements

                                                                      › Coordination of Interview times / Start dates

                                                                      › Track and manage contingent worker performance

                                                                      › Track and manage vendor performance

                                                         •  Manage and explore cost savings opportunities


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Executive Consulting On Demand

Sometimes you would just like the availability and accessibility of 30 years of experience at your disposal without the cost associated with a high-level executive on your payroll.Weather it’s a question about a current employee, a future employee, interviewing, on-boarding, managing your contingent labor providers or labor pool, the Talent Acquisition process, your Sales process or rethinking your entire Talent Acquisition or Sales strategy we can help. For a monthly fee we will be on call to assist in person or via telephone with any and all of your Sales and Talent Acquisition needs.

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